Coffee beans for fresh espresso & cappuccino

Treat yourself to the exceptional coffee beans of MaCafe Italy. This coffee collection includes four different flavours and a sampler package. All blends are exclusively roasted in Lombardy in the North of Italy. This region is reknowed for it's light roasting, to ensure the fine flavor, characteristics and aroma of the quality coffee beans. Sold in 3x 1kg bags with fresh flavour saving valve.

BIO Agriculture Certified
Top quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from Middle America, high altitude region. Certified by the Bio Agriculture Certification organization (BAC), since 1984. This means: organic planting, growing and processing of coffee. Best for nature and local people - no contact with chemicals. Medium roasted beans, smooth, creamy and full taste. Best for espresso, filter, slow coffee, cafè crema.

MaCafe Italian coffee roaster
MaCafe is a traditional family roaster from the hills in Lombardy, North Italy. In this area they used to lightly roast coffee beans. This suits the high quality melanges the best - it enables the full and finest taste of coffee beans to develop in your cup.