Bezzera Mitica espresso machine

The Bezzera Mitica espresso machine is one of the top models of espresso inventor Bezzera. A great Italian design and the Bezzera Mitica includes all important barista features. Like the legendary commercial-grade Faema E61 brew group, heat exchanger for instant steam, heavy 2 Lt copper boiler, professional pump & two gauges for boiler and pump pressure. This will deliver the best coffee, espresso and cappuccino. The solid steel housing has a beautiful polished finish and great Italian design. The Bezzera Mitica is available in two models: an espresso machine with vibration pump and water reservoir. And a model with professional rotary pump including main water connection: for users who want the best quality and professional use.

Top quality Barista espresso machine

  • Professional chrome Faema E61 group head
  • Heat exchanger for instant steam
  • Heavy 2 Lt copper boiler
  • Steam wand and hot water tap
  • Two gauges for pump and boiler pressure
  • Commercial grade steel housing with polished finish
  • Large water reservoir of 4 Lt
  • Automatic anti limestone filter kit in water reservoir
  • Models available with vibration pump or rotary pump

Details Bezzera Mitica:

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 32cm W, 45cm D, 40.5cm H
  • 2 liter copper boiler
  • 1350 Watt heating element
  • 16 Bar vibration pump or professional rotary pump
  • 4 liter water reservoir or main water connection
  • Weight 23-26 kg
  • 230 Volt
  • Mainland EU electric plug

Included accessories

  • Commercial grade portafilter (1-spout) and 1-cup coffee basket
  • Commercial grade portafilter (2-spouts) and 2-cup coffee basket
  • Automatic anti limestone water filter (reservoir)
  • Blind filter for back flushing the grouphead
  • Plastic tamper & coffee spoon

Models Bezzera Mitica

The Bezzera Mitica is standard available with vibration pump and water reservoir. Or, the Mitica model with professional rotary pump and main water connection. This model has no possibilty to use an internal water reservoir, because the (large) rotary pump is located in this area. We strongly advise the use of an automatic water filter when using the main water connection, to prevent limestone which causes technical problems. CasaBarista delivers these products.

Barista Espresso Guideline

CasaBarista is aware of the sometimes 'poorly' instructions manuals of espresso producers. That's why we've made an useful Barista handout for our customers. With all professional information you'll need for the Bezzera Mitica. How to install, use, clean and service your espresso machine & brew the best fresh espresso.

2 Years Warranty on espresso machines

All espresso machines and grinders have two years warranty. CasaBarista includes parts and labour.

Barista tools & Extra's

CasaBarista can supply extra accesorries for your Mitica, Barista tools and cleaning material for coffee machines. If possible, we can ship these accessories inside the box, to minimize your shipping costs. Please inform when ordering. For example:

Water filters for reservoir €25 (4x filters)
Group head cleaner for back flushing €19 (900g)
Professional steel tamper 58mm €45
Steel milk pitcher €19 (0,6 Lt)
Everpure water filter for main water use (connection €59 + filter €85)

Foto gallery Bezzera Mitica luxe espressomachine uit Italie