Espresso machine Bacchi unique design

For espresso coffee lovers: to drink an Italian espresso is not just a gesture or a habit, but a veritable rite. A rite that for coffee-lovers cannot be separated from some simple gestures and operations that have to be made to the highest standards. To enjoy and taste the full taste and flavour exhaled by a cup of espresso coffee is certainly one of life’s pleasures.

No more electric, complicated and fragile espresso makers that after a few uses lose efficiency and stop working as they should. No more MOKA coffee makers and their false promises of a creamy coffee.
Now there's Bacchi! A new patented system to make real espresso coffee, the fruit of long studies and researches by a young Italian company that is launching an innovative product with an exclusive design and functions.

How Bacchi works

Put water and finely ground coffee in the special compartments, put the coffee-maker on a source heat (burner) and, a few minutes later, a whistle will tell you when it is the right time to pour the right amount of one or two cups of Italian-style espresso-coffee with plenty of frothy cream on top. The new Bacchi espresso maker uses no electromechanic parts (pumps, resistors, solenoid valves, etc.) but relies on a hydraulic physical principle to achieve the pressure required and fine, well-balanced thermal conduction to heat up the water for making coffee. It is completely made of aluminium for alimentary use, protected by “anodisation”, a process that makes the surface of the machine anticorrosive, scratchproof, self-cleaning, waterproof, hard and beautiful. Through this protective and decorative process, the aesthetic and functional properties of the machine will not be altered with time.

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Bacchi espresso machine for home, camping, boat