Customer reviews of CasaBarista

Here are some customer reviews of our espresso coffee equipment and service:

Igor Bukovinsky (Slovak Republic)
The Expobar is at home on the counter. The first I made two shots just to set up the grinder, but I must to drink it immediatelly :)
I couldn't resist. Then one Latte - the microfoam was made absolutely perfect on first time (I have never made it before). Impossible steamer!!! I am sending some pictures after two-weeks use. There were not any problems in service. I use Isomac grinder and fresh roasted coffe only as you could see. The experience with service and machine is highly positive, you can refer this information to other customers. Thank you, best regards Igor

Dirk Mahlberg (Germany)
Hi, the Expobar Brewtus and accessories has reached me successfully. The machine is lot of fun. The espresso is promising and on its way to Spitzenklasse :-)
Best regards and thank you, Dirk

Guillaume Cathala (France)
J'ai bien reçu la machine hier, je vous en remercie. Elle marche parfaitement et j'apprends à la dompter. Vous entreprise est très professionnelle et compétente dans le domaine. Juste une traduction du site en anglais ou français pour pouvoir acheter en ligne grace au "Panier" Webshop, serait top. Voilà, à bientôt. Salutations, Guillaume
CasaBarista: Thanks Guillaume, yes we've now build an English site including webshop for international customers

David Townsend (UK)
Dear barista's, thanks a lot for your help. The Bezzera Galatea espresso machine and Quamar grinder are on the counter. They deliver excellent espresso, cappuccino, lattes... Great, perfect taste and quality of equipment. I'll send some pictures later, keep in touch! David

Piotr (Poland)
Today I received the Expobar Brewtus IV with the Macap grinder and I have started familiarizing with it. The coffee machine and the grinder work as was expected absolutely fine. I would like to thank you for your service and paying attention on customers.

Nikos Bouras (Greece)
Yesterday I have received the package with the Expobar and Mahlkonig grinder, but I have opened it today due to new years eve. Thanks again for your excellent help. Best regards, Nikos

Ville Nummela (Finland)
Thanks for your help and shipment to Finland. Are arrived well. Espressomachine and grinder are great. I like the fresh quality coffee!
bye, Ville

Ekkehard Nax (Germany)
Hey guys,
the big package arrived on Monday - thanks. I was quite busy and so I was able to 'test-drive' the machine just today. First of all: it works! ;-)
Of course you were right - the plastic on the top cover is removable. I took the opportunity and removed all the protective plastic - the Expobar Brewtus IV is a beautiful machine. Thanks for your feedback about pressure and also for the manual. ESE portafilter: thanks to your comments I realized that I had to turn the entire thread. I turned it to the max and it's still a bit tight but much better than before. The first week with my new Expobar Brewtus - I'm happy. Thanks for your help - excellent service. Best, Ekkehard

Philippe Rose (France)
Hello, machines well received (Bezzera Galatea espressomachine and Mahlkonig ProM grinder). Both are splendid. I am happy! thank you, Philippe

Piotr Michailidis (Austria)
Hallo, Der Expobar Brewtus und Mazzer Mini sind super, Café great.
Danke! mit neue jährlichen Grüße, Piotr

Paul Callaghan (Ireland)
Hi Rolf, thanks for the reply. That's great! Ok, so I would like to order the Expobar Brewtus. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it! However, I won't order anything else. I need to leave some money for food and beans! I trust this is all in order. Thanks again, and have a good new years eve also! (...) Have just received a very heavy box at my place of work! Thanks for the manual. The Brewtus arrived safely and all seems to be working fine. It's a huge move up to this machine for me, so I do have a good bit of relearning to do coming from the Gaggia classic. I think I may have a lot to learn on the barista skills front! The Brewtus is a steam beast! So far I have not been able to master it - I usually only make enough milk for one. Finally, I am looking forward to the weekend, so that I can spend some proper time playing with the Brewtus. Thanks again for everything Rolf. So far though, I am very happy! Regards, Paul

Tassos Bizakis (Greece)
Dear Rolf,
After some time with your espressomachine and coffee grinder I can say I have no problems so far. Is the plumbing kit for direct connection with the water supply available? Best regards, Tassos Bizakis

Pablo (Belgium)
Hi, I received the Bezzera Galatea and Macap on schedule today. Thanks for the coffee! It's fantastic...but strong!! Woaww. I am now fighting to get the best will take me time, but everything works well. Thanks again for your quick delivery! Best Regards, Pablo

Benjamin Drebert (Germany)
Thanks for all your email reply's! Your advising is very friendly and competently! I like it. That's a requirement for an order. Today my espresso machine arrived :-) Thank's for the good packaging, the free coffee and the fast delivery. Great! Here's my appreciation of your service (1=very good, 6=bad). Service and communication: 1, I couldn't say any complaint. You answer all my question very immediately and friendly. All answers "make sense" and were competent. Price: 1, the price was very fair and I dont't regret my order. Website: 3, you could make a complete translation of your homepage in english. But the layout and the presentation is very attractive. I'm looking forward to deal with you in the future. Best regards, Benjamin